When considering the exterior of their homes, most people tend to focus on the condition of the siding or the roof since those components cover majority of the exterior. Another important piece to consider is the condition and functionality of the front doors, patio doors, and garage doors. As a matter of fact, exterior doors are the most frequently used elements of homes which contributes to the importance of keeping them looking great and serving their purpose. If the doors on your house show signs of wear and tear, don’t open or close properly, leak outside air, or become a security risk, it may be time for a replacement. Nowadays, most options in doors are quite affordable considering their longevity and positive influence on the value of your property. New doors are considered a small investment that pay offs in the long run. At Top to Bottom Construction, Inc. our style and design experts can help you sift through the many options in materials, textures, glass details, and hardware in order to help you create the complete finished look that will complement the exterior of your property.

When it comes to patio doors, proper function can make a difference between utter frustration and total bliss. Sliding glass doors or French doors are typically the entry point into the backyard oasis of your property. The signs of faulty function of these types of doors include drafts and difficulty in opening and secure locking. Top to Bottom Construction, Inc. can assist you in recognizing whether or not a full replacement is necessary or if the issue can be resolved with repair. We also work with garage doors to assure ease of use and security. All our door systems including office doors are backed by our 12-month workmanship and installation warranty.

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