Finished Basement Ideas for Every Lifestyle Purposeful Ways to Customize Your Extra Space


No room in your home has more potential than your basement. Sure, they might not be as pretty when they’re unfinished, but most basements can be completed or remodeled for a fraction of the cost of putting in a new addition. With that in mind, here are a few ideas for upgrading your bottom floor. Basement

Purposeful Ways to Customize Your Extra Space

Before you begin, you must decide what the space will be used for. For obvious reasons, a man cave will have a very different layout than an extra bedroom or a home gym. There are, however, a few general rules you can use to guide you.

Bedrooms should be situated at the perimeter, close to a window that can be used as an exit in an emergency.
To draw guests in, the main socializing area should be located in a spot that gets a lot of natural light.
The entertainment center should be placed in a darker part of the room to reduce glare on the television and create that movie-theater feel.
If you want to store snacks and beverages in your basement, put the refrigerator and serving areas at the back of the room, opposite the entertainment center, so guests won’t constantly be crossing in front of the television.

Kid-Friendly Basements

As every parent knows, kids and their friends tend to take over any space, so let’s give you some suggestions to make that space kid-friendly. Nothing says peace and quiet like everyone having their own space.

Soundproof the ceilings to keep the ruckus down below. Ask a contractor about the best underlayment for carpet. Thick, rubber carpet underlayment might cost a few more pennies in the beginning, but it will prevent lots of accidental injuries.
Find creative ways to fit games, entertainment centers and furniture in the room so that you leave plenty of open space for playing.

Dividing the Space for Multiple Uses

If you plan on turning your basement into a multiple-use room, consider the amount of furniture and space you will need to create your vision. Instead of using tacky room dividers set up the furniture to create a natural barrier between the entertainment area and sleeping space.

Experiment with different types Feng Shui, like using different paint colors to delineate different spaces. If you have made a permanent decision to divide your basement into separate rooms, it might be a good idea to throw up some dividing walls.

Entertainment Spaces that Don’t feel Like a Basement

The lighting in your basement makes or breaks it as a living space. You can spruce up the décor by using wall sconces and bar lights, which are usually less expensive than overhead lighting. If you’re creating the perfect man cave, neon lights go a long way. Adding the same unique features in your lower level rooms as you would in the upper levels, such as pictures and table top decorations, will give your rooms a homey feel.

Choose flooring that you would feel comfortable walking on barefoot. Before making any changes to the layout of your basement, have your paint and flooring colors picked out. Neutral colors are generally easier to manipulate if you decide to change the purpose of this space later on down the road.

Whether you’d like a home theater or a children’s playroom, we can help you transform an underused basement into the bonus room you’ve always dream about. You never know – it could even become the most popular place in your house.